As the school year officially comes to a close, it’d be an understatement to say that Hallsville athletic director and head football coach Joe Drennon considers it a success.

“Man, I’ll tell you what, I was looking at it in a district meeting the other day and I think we, as far as the overall program, I think in our district, we rank No. 1 in terms of wins. I’m talking overall – golf, tennis, volleyball, everything,” Drennon said. “I think it’s us and then Jacksonville. We’ve had a really good year.”

In his second full year as athletic director, Drennon said he saw teams add to their success from last year and others improved.

“I think seeing our girls basketball program this year come around as been real good for us,” he said. “I’m really proud of that. I’m really proud of our girls softball team and our girls track team. I think coach (Kourtney) Loewe did an outstanding job. We were one point away from winning a district championship in girls track. I thought that was about as good of a job as I’ve seen. Our boys track team did an outstanding job. We go from winning district last year and placing second this year behind Lufkin and we’re in there with John Tyler and all those guys. Our kids are coming around. They’re competing.”

The Bobcats sealed up the year with its spring football scrimmage Tuesday night and after a short break, will meet back up for a new fall season for which Drennon has high hopes.

“You know how it is – we finish one year, we get a couple months off for summer and everybody is excited to get it started again,” the coach offered. “I think our kids are believing in what they’re doing and they’re excited about the possibilities of winning. I’d like to say we’re busting with excitement every day. I know I’m looking forward to getting back and starting football practice again. That’s the fun part.”