Hallsville will wrap up its 7-on-7 season Monday night when it finishes up its league play in Longview. Athletic Director and head football coach Joe Drennon said he likes the progress his team has made.

“It’s going well,” Drennon said. “We’ve got a lot of kids playing in it. We’ve just been playing in that Longview league over there. We’re not real big 7-on-7 people but it gets our kids out and gets them active as we’re still throwing the football around and everything, so that’s a good thing.”

Drennon added 7-on-7 helps sharpen some skills needed for Friday nights in the fall.

“It’s good for our quarterbacks and receivers,” he added. “We’ve been looking at our quarterbacks. We’ve got young ones coming and they’re learning. I think that’s good.”

When asked about the competition, Drennon said, “We played Longview, we’ve played Alto. We’ve played Pine Tree. Spring Hill has been there. Sabine has been there. There are several schools in it. It’s good for us because we see good competition every time. It hasn’t just been hot yet so it’s been really good. Longview does a good job of hosting it, so it’s close so that makes it easy for us.”