Elysian Fields head softball coach Lexi Commander will be able to coach one more softball this season when she takes the field as head coach of the blue team in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes All-Star game.

“I’m really excited,” Commander said. “I had the opportunity to be a part of it as an assistant the very first year they had softball and I’m really excited to go back and be the head coach. The first year we were kind of working all the kinks out and I had a blast and really enjoyed it. We’re really excited to head back and do it all over again.”

Commander will coach Christen Smith and Mary Frances Ellis for one last game as the two Lady Jackets will suit up for the blue team.

“I’m really excited to get the chance to be on the field with them one more time and with the other coaches I get to coach against and with and the girls on the teams, it’s a really incredible experience to be a part of all around,” Commander said. “I’m so proud of them. I’ve told them I don’t know how many times how much we’re going to miss them next year, just as leaders on and off the field. I’m really excite that they get this opportunity to go out there and have fun and play with kids they may have played with on travel teams or against. They know a lot of these girls so it’s going to be a neat experience to play with them in this atmosphere.”

Also joining her squad will be AnnaMae Coleman of Harleton and Playing for the red team will be Marshall’s Adriana Vences.

“The talent on both of these teams is really unbelievable,” Commander added. “It’s a testament to how much softball has grown in this area to put two teams together. It really is unbelievable the amount of talent that’s going to be shown on Friday.”

Commander said the preparation going into this game is a little different due to COVID regulations.

“Normally we’d get to have some practices on Thursday and get to know them and do some different things before the game on Friday but this year it’s just a one-day even for softball,” she said. “We’ll go down, meet the teams on Friday morning, we’ll have a practice and we get to do a chapel praise and worship time, a devotional time. I’ve seen some of these kids play when we’ve played against them but I get one practice to piece everything together. My assistants and I actually met yesterday to start flushing out some of the details of who we think we may want in certain spots. We have to plan out all nine innings but of course you don’t know for sure until you’ve seen them on Friday. You just have to see who’s hot right now and who looks good and works best together. We have pitchers and catchers who’ve never played together so we’ll have to see what the best combination for that is but we’re excited. My gosh, this is a great problem to have to have this many good ones to figure out who’s going to go where and to pair up. It’s going to be a fun matchup.”

The game is slated to take place Friday at 7 p.m. at the Whitehouse Softball Complex.

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