Rumor has it, Tony Romo has a big offer coming from ESPN to be the lead color commentator for Monday Night Football.

That would be a great hire on the part of ESPN, but I hope he stays in the booth with Jim Nantz.

There aren’t too many commentators you turn on the game to hear, but the Romo and Nantz combo is a broadcasting team that has taken off and become a crew that you definitely want to listen to.

We’ve had this in the past with guys like John Madden and Pat Summerall, then Madden and Al Michaels, and let’s be honest, Michaels with pretty much anyone.

All these guys bring their own unique characteristics that make them great at the job and make the games that much more enjoyable.

Madden used to always find something to talk about, and if you were watching a dull game, you wouldn’t know it because he kept you entertained.

Romo, in my opinion, is much the same way.

Just this past Sunday during the AFC Championship, he was making up dialogue for the refs as they were in a huddle discussing details of a 12-men-on-the-field penalty and I found it quite entertaining.

It was like you’re hanging out with one of your friends watching a game.

That’s what Romo and Nantz bring together, and although I have no doubt that Romo could do well at ESPN, I can’t help but think a lot of his success in the booth is due to Nantz.

You can tell they both have a love for and in-depth knowledge of the game.

Sadly, Monday Night Football has declined a ton over the years.

Its crew and the games themselves used to be the best of the best.

My thought is the decline began in 2006 when Monday Night Football moved to ESPN and NBC picked up Sunday Night football.

Through the years since then, more and more people dropped cable and no longer have access to ESPN, but have been able to still pick up NBC, and therefore, the better games moved from Monday night to Sunday night, as did the better ratings and better crews.

I don’t blame ESPN for wanting to bring in Romo. That would be a big splash and probably would help boost up the ratings.

I also wouldn’t blame Romo if he decided to take it based on the amount of money he could make from it and how big Monday Night Football once was.

It could be a fun challenge to try bringing it back to its prime.

CBS says its making Romo a priority, and I hope he gets enough incentive to stay right where he is.