HALLSVILLE — Marshall visited Hallsville in an attempt to finally break their 15-5A district losing streak. However, Hallsville, who was coming off a hard fought, last second win against Pine Tree, was determined to continue to turn their season around by beating Marshall on Tuesday.

Neither team seemed to really be able to find their footing in the first quarter, only scoring five points between both teams, ending in a 3-2 score. However, Hallsville warmed up and in the second quarter and scored 22 points to Marshall’s 11.

Over the four quarters, both teams kept getting better and scoring more points. However, Hallsville kept widening the gap and Marshall was not able to keep up, ending in a 12-point victory for the Hallsville Bobcats.

Marshall’s efforts were led by Gikovian McCoy, Torrien Culberson and Ryan Knox, who had 10, eight and four points respectively.

Hallsvilles’ scoring was more evenly distributed throughout the roster than it usually is. Barnabas Baliraine led the Bobcats with 10 points, three rebounds and one block. Jace Johnston and Anthon McDermott were tied with nine points and three rebounds each. Luke Cheatham rounded out the top of the scoreboard with eight points and two rebounds.

With this defeat, Marshall continues to slide down the rankings with a 0-4 district record, and 11-15 overall. Next up they face Pine Tree at home on Friday at 7 p.m.

Hallsville evens up their 15-5A district record at 2-2, and improves their season record to 15-8. Hallsville goes to Whitehouse Friday at 7:15 p.m.

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