This is normally about the time when I ask how your bracket is doing. Today, we’d normally be completing the second round off the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament but the absence of the tournament has left an empty spot in all of our hearts.

We don’t get to enjoy the upsets like we normally do. We don’t get to stand in awe of watching half-court-buzzer beaters for the first time. This year, we don’t get to experience the thrill of victory by predicting the major upset on our brackets or even the agony of defeat by seeing our Final Four teams drop like flies.

As weird as it may sound, I’d welcome either one with open arms. It’s disappointing for one to see his or her bracket busted to pieces but I’d take a completely busted bracket over no basketball at all.

It goes without saying but that applies with all sports. Obviously the NBA season was cut short and the start of baseball season has been pushed back. I’m extremely disappointed in that seeing as I was planning on attending the opening series at the Rangers’ new Globe Life Field.

For now though, the lack of sports has us looking for a satisfaction in other things that can’t be found just anywhere.

I’ve found myself watching old NBA playoff games from the 90s, episodes of A Football Life, 30-for-30 and others. Just the other day I watched an entire video of marbles racing, along with commentary, and I have to say I was hooked, but only because it seemed like the closest thing I could find to watching sports.

My apartment complex has a basketball court and I’ve joked around about setting chairs on the outside of it and watching a good game of pickup basketball from my courtside seats. I could do that as a basketball fan or act like put a table out there, keep stats and write up a game story as if I was covering the action.

Obviously I’m not going to do that (at least I’m not planning on it) but the fact that the idea ever entered my mind, joking or not, shows that I’m really missing sports and I know for a fact that I’m not the only one.

Heck, the fact that someone made the marble-racing video shows that they too are suffering in this difficult time.

It’s difficult times like these that make the good times that much better. It kind of goes back to the old cliché, ‘You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone,” and in a way, I think we might have taken sports for granted. I might have just assumed that there will always be a game on a night for me to watch after work but that’s not the case in these tough and crazy times.

When sports finally (and believe me, I do mean “finally”), we will all have something to celebrate. I can’t wait to actually go to a game at Globe Life Field. I will celebrate when I see the first home run in the new ballpark. I look forward to seeing a member of the Dallas Mavericks throw down a big dunk, and I definitely can’t wait until kickoff until another football season.

In the meantime, I would gladly take a busted bracket if I could.