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Elysian Fields’ Jacket Stadium will have a new playing surface as new turf has been put down.

Elysian Fields’ Jacket Stadium will have a new playing surface as new turf has been laid.

“This will be my eighth year and it was here well before I got here so It was definitely due,” Elysian Fields athletic director and head football coach Scott Ford said. “It’s going to be a lot more player friendly, a lot softer and it will be a lot cooler because the other one was so hard and so old and it was a hot surface,” he said.

“I tip my hat to our superintendent and our school board for making the commitment and being willing to spend that much money to give something that our community and everybody can be super proud of. Our kids will be excited to play on it this year and our younger kids at Elysian Fields will be excited to play on it years on down the line.”

Ford emphasized there will be more restrictions in terms of using the field.

“One thing we’re going to do with this field is make sure we limit the amount of unnecessary use of it as far as youth practices and things like that will no longer be allowed on it,” he said. “They’ll be able to play their games on it on Saturdays at the facility and even with our older high school kids, we’re going to try to practice as much as we can on the grass to preserve the surface.

“We’re going to try to keep the facility locked up and post signs explaining our expectations why we’re doing that. The field is for the community but we’re also responsible as the caretakers of the facility and making sure it lasts as long as it should.”

With everything being up there air, nothing is set in stone but as of right now, graduation is slated to take place on the new surface.

“Every plan is tentative based on COVID but June 1 graduation at 7:30 would be the first event,” Ford offered.

As of now, the first football game scheduled to take place on the new turf is slated for opening night, Aug. 28 when the Yellow Jackets play host to the Harmony Eagles.