Monday will be the start day for football practice for many 1A through 4A schools across the state of Texas and the Jefferson Bulldogs will hit the gridiron at 8 a.m.

“We’re going to try to get three hours but we’re breaking like every 20 minutes to keep them hydrated,” Jefferson athletic director and head football coach Antwain Jimmerson said.

Jimmerson said they’ll likely use the first week of practice or so to see what the new varsity athletes can bring to the table.

“For us, there are a lot of new faces and a lot of new names,” Jimmerson said. “It’s just really about who’s going to emerge and who will be the playmakers in this group of kids but I think as far as conditioning, I think overall, the kids don’t get enough credit. I don’t think kids watch as much TV as what people think they do. They’re actually out and about more. Conditioning wise, our kids are in pretty good shape right now. So now it’s about finding out who the playmakers are and what names are going to emerge in camp.”

The Bulldogs had two scrimmages on their slate before entering the season but the first of those two was removed from the schedule.

“I’m disappointed we lost that first scrimmage and getting a chance to go up against somebody else and see how that goes but it gives us an extra week of knocking on each other before we scrimmage Elysian Fields, so that will be fun,” he said.

Jefferson is slated to kick of the season on Friday, Aug. 28 on the road against Pittsburg.