Nathan Hague

First of all, let me be the first to wish you a happy Super Bowl Sunday.

I expect a good game but just in case it’s not, or if you want to be competitive with some friendly wagers, or maybe even set the stakes high, I figured I’d help provide you with some Super Bowl LV props. I’m not condoning gambling but if you’re anything like me, sometimes some of your buddies get your competitive juices flowing. I can’t claim I came up with all of the props myself but figured I’d throw some of my favorites from start to finish. Choose whichever you want. Enjoy and may the best team win.

Which team will win the coin toss? Will it be heads or tails? Will the winner team choose to defer or receive?

Will the kickoff result in a touchback or a return? How many yards will be on the return?

Will the first play of the game be a run or a pass? Who will be the first to carry/catch the ball and how many yards will be gained? Or if it’s a pass, will it be an incomplete?

How will the first points be scored (i.e. touchdown, field goal or safety)? Who will score the first touchdown and from how many yards away will it occur?

What will be the score after the first quarter? At the half? How long will halftime last?

Who will be the first to pick up a first down in the second half?

At what point in the game will the first punt occur?

How many field goals will be missed/made?

How many turnovers will there be and will either team score a defensive touchdown? How many sacks will there be? Which quarterback will be the first to be sacked?

What will be the total number of yards for each team?

What will be the final score? Who will earn Super Bowl MVP? What will be the color of Gatorade poured on the winning coach?

How many times will Tony Romo correctly predict a play?

These are just a few examples and anyone who knows anything about the game can make their own list and have some fun with it – and that’s the most important thing – to have fun. So whether you’re gathering together with a lot of family and friends or just watching by yourself, enjoy the final football game of the season while you can and have fun, with or without prop bets.

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