Derrick Krantz returned to the ring for the first time in nearly two years Friday night as he came away with a first-round-knockout victory against Nolan Norwood.

“It felt pretty good, man,” Krantz said when asked how it felt to get back into the ring. “I’ve kind of been craving the excitement of getting back in there and putting myself up against ultimate competition. Getting back in there, being able to let loose and have fun again, that was pretty cool.”

Krantz said he often gets butterflies in his stomach before a fight but things usually calm down as he gets going.

“It’s more about anticipation, excitement,” he said. “Once I settle down and realize I’m going out there to do what I like to do, have fun, they come and go. It’s usually from anticipating how I’m playing out the fight in my head.”

Krantz was able to stick with his game plan without making any changes in Friday’s victory over Norwood.

“I went out there and did exactly what I wanted to do,” Krantz added. “I just wanted to go out there and feel him out and let the knockout come and it did.”

As of now, there have been no discussions or plans regarding Krantz’s next fight.

“No, no talks yet,” Krantz said. “It’s only been a couple days now. I’m just enjoying the win. It was a good fight and everything went perfectly. I didn’t get injured. Hopefully my opponent wasn’t too injured. It was a pretty clean hit I think. It was a good stoppage.”

Krantz said not having the next fight scheduled allows him to enjoy the victories and time with family.

“I had a great weekend,” he said. “I fought Friday night, woke up Saturday, went to Arkansas, spent time with family, drove back, spent time with more family Sunday and made it a family-event weekend.”

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