After falling to the Whitehouse Ladycats on the road Tuesday night, the Marshall Lady Mavs are still in search of their first district win where they hold a 0-4 district record. Marshall fell short 39-35 in Tuesday’s action.

“The biggest takeaway is our competitive nature and us being able to compete for four quarters,” the Lady Mavs’ first-year head coach Eric Woods said. “Going into that particular game, I knew that Whitehouse would play well at home and I knew our girls would have to have mental toughness to be able to withstand the runs they would make. I don’t think we competed enough to give ourselves an opportunity to win.

“We’re currently 0-4 in district, which really puts us in a tough spot if we want to keep pace and give ourselves an opportunity to make a run in the playoffs but it’s still there,” Woods continued. “There’s still a lot of basketball left to be played. The opportunity is still there, we just have to keep developing and growing.”

Woods said there are several areas of the game that his team will be focusing on in preparation of next game.

“Really, our skill development in all aspects from passing the basketball to understanding shot selection, to shooting, to layups and free throws,” Woods offered. “I’ve been telling our team pretty much the entire season that we’ve got to be become a better free-throw-shooting team. We cannot miss those opportunities. We just haven’t developed it enough. We’ve been practicing it a lot. We’ve been shooting free throws a lot in practice. We really need to work on developing our skills and really get to the point where we have scoring opportunities and we’re taking advantage of those opportunities, as well as having a more attack mentality. One of the things we struggle with since the Spring Hill tournament is we’re not attacking offensively enough to give ourselves opportunity to not only score but get the other teams in foul trouble.

“That will give us opportunities for free throws and more importantly, it puts their players in foul trouble and things of that nature.”

The Lady Mavs are slated to play host to the Pine Tree Lady Pirates, a team that owns a district record of 1-3.

“I expect another competitive game,” Woods said when asked what he expects from the Lady Pirates. “I know they’re very well coached and a well-disciplined team. I expect a slower-paced game but again, it’s going to be a challenge.

“I believe every team in our district poses different challenges. Jacksonville posed a real difficult challenge because they’re long, athletic and they have the speed.

“Whitehouse posed a challenge because they’re disciplined, they’re smart and they got to the ball to the right players in the right places and I think Pine Tree will be the same. It’s going to be interesting. Our girls are going to have to play smart.

“We’re going to have to play four quarters of tough, aggressive defense and at the end of the day, we’re going to have to make shots. This game is about making shots. We haven’t taken enough shots and haven’t made enough shots to give ourselves an opportunity to win these games.”