Kyle LIttle

Kyle Little

Summer is winding down and football teams are getting ready to report to practice as Monday will be the first day of practice for many schools across the state of Texas.

“That’s when our teachers start back and all the teachers are going to be in meetings all day and we can’t practice in the mornings so the only option is night,” said Kyle Little, who’s entering his first year as athletic director and head football coach of the Harleton Wildcats. “It seems like we just got out of school and now we’re right back in it.”

Little added having practices at night will make it seem more like a game scenario.

“I talked to Big Sandy and they practice at night and that’s what they said, ‘We play games at night so we practice at night,’ so I guess that makes some sense,” he said.

Because he’s entering his first year as head coach, Little said the first week of practice will be spent teaching his players his system.

“Really just retention,” he said. “Can they learn the new schemes? Can they learn what we’re doing and pick it up. Obviously, it’s all learning because we’re having to install an entirely new playbook offense and defense.”

The Wildcats are slated to kick off the season Friday, Aug. 31 on the road against Queen City.