Harleton student-athletes work out in the weight room Tuesday morning.

HARLETON -- A couple weeks ago, schools were ordered by the UIL to put a hold on workouts for a week but they have since resumed. Harleton athletic director and head football coach Kyle Little was glad to return after that week.

“It was good to be back,” Little said. “Of course the whole time, you’re just sitting around not knowing if we’re going to get to play or whatever. Now we’re going to work regardless but it was one of those things where, ‘are we working to get ready for a season or are we getting ready for nothing?’”

Little added the workout attendance has gone down a little bit due to participating in other summer activities.

“When we started out, we were averaging 120-130 a day,” he explained. “Then it dropped down to about 100 a day. That was before we took the break and after the break, we’ve been averaging about 70 a day but one of our churches had church camp last week. Another church is having church camp this week. They have a cheerleading camp right now. We have band camp right now.

“So cheerleaders are gone. Band kids are gone. Church kids are gone and we’ve had several kids tell us they were going on vacation, so I get getting a vacation done before two-a-days and all that start up, but like I said, we’ve still been averaging about 70 a day, so that’s not bad.”

The Wildcats are set to begin football practice on Monday, Aug. 3.