Bryce Alexander

Bryce Alexander will have a chance to showcase his talents at Globe Life Field — the new home of the Texas Rangers.

It doesn’t get much bigger than a chance to showcase your talents in a Major League Baseball venue, but that’s exactly what Marshall’s own Bryce Alexander gets to do when he takes part in the 5th National Power Showcase Home run Derby and All-American Classic at Globe Life Field, the brand new home to the Texas Rangers.

“It’s like a dinner, then you get to play in a real game and I get to participate in a home run derby,” the 13-year old Alexander said. “You also get to take a mental class with a bunch of scouts.”

His dad, Brandon Alexander, had a friend whose son had been invited to the events and word of mouth about Bryce spread.

“My dad got in touch with the guy who runs the whole thing and the guy sent me an invite to go to it and of course I got really pumped up,” Alexander said.

“Playing baseball at a new stadium and maybe to get a chance to hit one out there, that’s pretty cool.”

“They present them with a jersey, kind of like when you sign on draft day,” Brandon said. “They don’t get numbers, but they get their names and it will have ‘TX’ on the back because he’s representing Texas. I think he’s one of three from Texas.”

Bryce has played baseball since he was 4 years and was coached by his dad up until last year. He now plays on a team called the “Ballers” and is coached by former pros Pat Mahomes and Willie Banks.

“It’s a different environment over there with the Ballers because they know a lot, a lot of stuff,” Bryce said. “They’ve taught me a lot more than what I knew before I went over there. I love playing over there.”

“He’s a really good coach,” dad said of Mahomes. “What he does for him in the mental game is huge. Kids are either going to have athletic ability or they’re not. You can work with the ones that don’t but the ones that do, you just give them a boost of confidence that no one can give them.”

“I’ll get in my head a lot, and what I think is pretty special is that they (his coaches) come up to me a lot and say stuff like, ‘Remember, you’re the best player around in Texas,” Bryce offered. “So just remember that, get out of your head and you’ll be fine.’”

Whether playing under his current coaches or his dad, the younger Alexander has learned the importance of humility.

“You’ve got to stay humble at all times because if you’re not humble off the field then you’re not really going to be humble on the field,” he said. “I like to be humble off the field and on the field, especially since I’m the leader now.”

Bryce, a seventh-grader at Marshall Junior High, has hit multiple home runs but nothing is quite like that first one.

“My first home run was very special because that was our first tournament of the fall,” he recalls. “It was like 45 degrees outside and everyone was so cold. I got mad because I struck out my first at bat.

“My second at bat, we were losing 6-2 and then I hit a two-run home run that barely went over and we ended up winning the game 7-6. I was 11. I’m about to turn 13 and I have 17 home runs now, just in the game.”

As his opportunity to perform at the Rangers’ new ballpark gets closer, Bryce is approaching it with both humility and confidence.

“If I can do what I literally do on the baseball field then I literally have nothing to worry about but there’s going to be competition there,” he said. “I know there will be kids there who are as good as me and better than me.”

Bryce will look to make the most of the situation and pumped to play on the home field of his favorite team.

“I’m really, really excited,” he said.

The showcase will be held at Globe Life Field on Friday Nov. 6 through Sunday, Nov. 8 and is free to the public.