Mavs Golf

Marshall High School’s golf team was represented by Ben Tackett and Colby Chambers at regionals.

Editor’s Note: This is the ninth in a 10-part series looking back at the biggest athletic stories at Marshall High School during the 2018-19 school year.

Until this year, it had been 12 years since a Marshall Maverick golfer qualified for the regionals and it had been much longer that the school had two golfers accomplish the task but that’s what the Mavs did this spring when senior Ben Tackett and junior Colby Chambers qualified for regionals.

“Oh it was fantastic,” Marshall head golf coach Casey Broadus said of his players’ accomplishment. “They worked really hard last year and that was my first year back coaching. I had an idea of the players I had just because they’re coming out to the country club and playing golf but I didn’t have clue about how dedicated they would be. They bought into it, spent a lot of time on it and they worked it out well. The whole team played well for the year.”

Although they didn’t quite the results they wanted at regionals, Broadus said he’s proud of what they accomplished.

“It was a great year,” the coach said. “It was great to see something positive for those guys, especially Ben, that’s something great to end on. Ben had a good career in high school and Colby is continuing his. He had a good one last year and we’re looking forward to this year with him as well.”

Broadus is optimistic about the year ahead.

“We’ll play three tournaments in the fall and then we’ll play five in the spring before the district tournament,” he offered. “So it’s a full schedule. We’re looking forward to the year and we’ll get started here in about three weeks.”