Marshall athletic director and head football coach Jake Griedl puts up his Maverick horns in the newly renovated weight room of the Y.A. Tittle Athletic Fieldhouse.

Marshall ISD hosted its reveal for the renovations to the Y.A. Tittle Athletic Fieldhouse early Monday afternoon, just hours before the students got their first look at the renovated facilities.

“They’ll see it this afternoon,” Marshall athletic director and head football coach Jake Griedl said. “I wanted to make sure that the people who gave, saw it first because without them, this wouldn’t have happened. They’ll (the student athletes) be in here tonight banging the weight around.

“When you walk in, you see the logo on the back wall,” Griedl explained. “The back room that used to be kind of a media room, kind of a closet, we gutted it and turned it into a varsity-players lounge with three big screens, Playstations and a barber station for them to cut their hair and get them edged up for Friday nights. There’s a 120-inch screen in there with DirecTV in there. So it’s a place our kids can enjoy and not necessarily go home. We want them around here. We don’t want to have to run them out. That’s the atmosphere we’re trying to build around here.”

“We were nose to the grindstone there for a few days,” Marshall assistant athletic director Jodi Satterwhite added. “We were meeting, meeting and meeting and finally people started committing and we were like, ‘I think this is going to happen.’ We felt good about it at that point. Everybody worked so hard, the coaching staff, Jake and I, Faye Whitlow as just huge in setting up meetings for us. What I’m excited about is the community that has stepped up for our kids. They may not even have ties to Marshall schools anymore.”

“To see it from the base idea to all the variables come into place, all the pieces of the puzzle, is phenomenal,” Paul Reynolds of BSN Sports in Marshall said. “The community really came in to do this. That’s what’s really special. From helping with the paint to names on the wracks, the community can stamp this, not any one person. That’s what’s neat about it.”

“It’s awesome,” Griedl said. “We had about 48 people in this community who bought the vision and went above and beyond with support and dug into their pockets to make this happen. Dr. (Jerry) Gibson and our school board followed up and picked up the rest of it. This is something that our kids can’t get anywhere else and that’s what this is about – giving our kids the opportunity to enjoy these four years here. We tell them all the time that if they meet our coaches’ expectations, then our coaches are going to do things that exceed their expectations. I think this is one of those things.”