Friday night will be the Marshall’s first football game with Jake Griedl as head football coach. Griedl said in order to earn his first win as a head coach, his Mavericks will have their work cut out for them as they go up against Robert E. Lee of Tyler.

“They’ve got a really good quarterback (Mark Patton),” Griedl said of the Red Raiders. “He’s a big kid. He has a really strong arm. They’ve got a really young sophomore running back (Jamarion Miller) who’s going to be a special player. Their receivers, I don’t know if there’s one that stands out but they’re all really good football players. They do their assignment and they make plays. We’re going to have to be disciplined on the defensive side of the ball to be able to handle the offensive scheme that they’re going to throw at us.”

“Offensively, they’re a spread multiple,” he added. “They love having two in the backfield but they’ve opened up the spread from what we’ve seen, more so this year than they have in the past and I’m sure that comes from getting a new offensive coordinator. I know coach (Kurt) Traylor over there is offensive minded so they’re not going to be too far from what they’ve been in the past but they will have some new wrinkles just because of the new coordinator role.

“We expect a similar offense to what we saw last year but kind of preparing for a few different ranges of things within in their offense.”

Griedl added the Mavs will need production from players like linebacker Kygze Turner, defensive lineman Mike Washington and others in order to come away with the win.

“Our entire defensive line has to have a really good football game,” he said. “We’ve got to get off the ball and play great technique and see if we can’t get pressure on the quarterback because he’s a good enough player that if he has time to sit back there, he can dice you up and make throws. We’ve got to get pressure on him. Our linebackers have to be able to see their keys to get to the ball and get the ball down.”

Friday’s opener between Marshall and Tyler Lee is slated for a 7:30 p.m. kickoff at Maverick Stadium.