Can we please, please, stop talking about Dallas as a potential landing spot for Tom Brady?

It will never happen and would be a really bad idea for the Cowboys.

It’s hard to argue against Brady being the best quarterback of all time, but let’s face it, his better days are behind him and at 42 years old, he has two, maybe three years max left in his career, which means the Cowboys would move on from Dak Prescott and hit the reset button for the quarterback position in a couple years, bringing them back to square one and repeating the days of having guys like Quincy Carter, Chad Hutchinson, Vinny Testaverde (who was about Brady’s age) Drew Bledsoe (who Brady took over for in New England) and several others.

In my opinion, the Cowboys need lock up a deal with Prescott ASAP.

If you don’t think he’s the quarterback to lead the Cowboys to their sixth Super Bowl in franchise history, tell me who is. Prescott is by far a better option than any of the free agents out there.

History has shown us that we can’t trust Jerry Jones when it comes to finding a quarterback. Granted, Troy Aikman was drafted with Jones as the owner, but credit goes to Jimmy Johnson, who as a college coach, recruited Aikman twice.

After Aikman’s retirement in 2000, the Cowboys went through a huge, long and painful era of mediocre-at-best quarterbacks before accidentally stumbling upon undrafted free agent Tony Romo.

When healthy, Romo was one of the best the Cowboys have ever had, but the injuries prevented him from reaching his full potential.

The 2016 season looked like it was going to be a repeat of the post-Aikman, pre-Romo era after Romo went down with another injury. However, the Cowboys lucked out again as the next man up was a fourth-round-draft pick in Prescott, who earned Rookie of the Year honors.

We can’t really give Jones credit for landing Prescott, either, seeing as he was hoping to land Connor Cook (who was drafted by the Oakland Raiders and is now in the XFL) and Paxton Lynch (who was drafted by the Broncos and is somewhere on the Steelers’ depth chart).

Yes, we’ve seen some ups and downs with Prescott, but there are several factors that come along with that. I’m interested to see how he’ll do under new head coach Mike McCarthy, who, if nothing else, could bring a breath of fresh air to Prescott.

Prescott’s not ready for the type of money that Patrick Mahomes will soon get and I think the Cowboys’ quarterback is aware of that.

If they need to, the Cowboys can throw the franchise tag on Prescott, then move on to the next guy (Amari Cooper perhaps?).

I hope the Cowboys can bring back both Prescott and Cooper, especially seeing as the team gave up a first-round pick for the wide receiver, but let’s take one step at a time.

Forget the Brady talk and give Prescott a new deal.