It probably goes without saying but I’m pumped about the start of the NFL season, and probably more so than usual because of the craziness that is 2020.

More specifically, I’m excited for the season up ahead for the Dallas Cowboys. It’s not even for the sake of high expectations as much as just being able to watch.

One thing I’ve learned as a Cowboys fan is to approach each season with low expectations. That way, it hurts less when their season fails and if they have a good season, it’s a pleasant surprise.

However, keeping the expectations low is often easier said than done. The expectations start low and then the Cowboys pick up momentum and start winning, and at least for a while, “Maybe they can go deep. Maybe they can make a run at the Super Bowl,” and then a fumbled snap or a defensive back getting burned results in the end of another Cowboys season and leaves fans saying, “There’s always next year.” Of course, we as fans have not experienced the joy of seeing our team win the Super Bowl since Super Bowl XXX.

The Cowboys are far too often like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and you never know which team is going to show up and this year is no exception.

Dallas enters this season with a new coaching staff led by head coach Mike McCarthy, who brought in Mike Nolan to be the new defensive coordinator.

I said and still believe a coaching change was necessary but it’d be unrealistic to assume McCarthy will turn the team around into true contenders in his first year.

On paper, the offense is stacked with talent but as coaches preach, games aren’t won on paper. Players get injured and go through slumps and there’s no guarantee that rookie wide receiver CeeDee Lamb will adjust to the speed of the NFL like many of us hope. Not to mention, the area that has me the most concerned is the secondary. I hate to think of what might happen when the Cowboys face some of the elite quarterbacks of the league.

My unofficial prediction is that the Cowboys will have a decent start, maybe even great start. They’ll put up high big numbers offensively and even some of the defensive players will make a massive impact but in the end, they won’t be able to get over that hump. I hope I’m wrong but I’ll do my best to keep my expectations low but also enjoy watching them play at the same time.