I had a very strange dream a few nights ago. I was with my best friend from childhood at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Maybe part of the reason I was supposedly there with him is because his wife is from Ohio, so they got married in Ohio and as football fans, we decided to go to Canton for his bachelor party.

At any rate, in the dream we’re supposedly standing in the room with all the busts, although it looked nothing like that room because dreams are just flat-out weird.

We noticed some of the busts weren’t there. The Hall of Famers we grew up watching were gone.

Then we asked someone who worked there about it and they told us a player must first be retired before he can be inducted into the hall.

So apparently we were in our adult bodies living in the past.

At some point the next day, I texted my friend to tell him about the strange dream. His response was, “Haha very weird. I definitely could go for winding back the clock a few decades. 2020 has been a year I’d like to forget, man.”

I told him I’m right there with him.

This year is one I’d like to forget, some for personal reasons and others for the complete chaos that has been and will be the rest of 2020.

Six months ago, if we were able to have seen pictures of what today looks like and hear stories of just how crazy this year has been, we wouldn’t believe it.

There’s no way they’d shut down sports all together. Of course we’ll still have a normal football season.

Well, not quite.

As of now, it looks like we will have a football season, but it’s going to be far from normal. Our larger high schools are starting the season late, while some colleges and junior colleges are moving their fall sports to the spring, and knowing how 2020 has gone so far, there’s a good chance more surprises are on the way.

Obviously, without a working flux capacitor, time travel is just not ideal, but I’d be OK with turning back the clock too if I could.

I’d turn it back to a more simple time, to a time when we could enjoy sports for sports and not mixed with things sports don’t mix with well.

I don’t know exactly what time period I’d go to if I could, but probably somewhere with more normalcy than what we’re experiencing now.

However, as I said in my column the other day, the return of sports has brought back just a tad bit of normalcy. If things don’t get back to how we once knew as normal, maybe sports will help us escape from some of the chaos, even if it is just for a moment.

Sports have provided something to look forward to. Prior to the return of baseball season, I was waiting for the day when I could watch America’s Pastime.

I’m also waiting for another football season, and hopefully before too long, we won’t be wishing to turn back the clock because we’ll be able to enjoy what’s in front of us.

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