Nathan Hague


This past week, we got news that the Washington Football Team will announce its new name as of February 2, on Groundhog Day.

First of all, I was kind of relieved to hear a new name is coming, not because I’m expecting the new name to be great but because whatever is chosen, it has to be better than “Football Team.”

Names have a story. The San Francisco 49ers got their name from the 1849 gold rush in San Francisco. Philadelphia is where the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776, thus the city’s NBA team name is the 76ers. The Texas Rangers are named after law enforcement. Houston Rockets and Houston Astros are named after NASA and the examples of this go on and on. That’s why “Football Team” is weak and lazy, just throwing in towel on creativity or telling a story, so hearing that I was glad to hear that it’s not going to stay much longer.

The fact the team is making the announcement of its new name on Groundhog Day begs the obvious question: will the team be called the “Washington Groundhogs?”

Well the date of choice has fans speculating there might actually be something to that.

The franchise has a history of fans known has the “Hogettes” and we know the team is sticking with the burgundy and yellow so it’d likely be a surprise to no one if the team keeps the “Red” in its name in order to keep as much of its franchise history as possible. “Red Wolves” was a popular fan favorite but the franchise has thrown that out as an option due to trademark issues, so it’s a popular belief that the team will be named the “Red Hogs.”

I’m not particularly fond of that one either but would choose that in a heartbeat over “Football Team.”

Other possible name options I’ve heard and read are the “Presidents,” Commanders,” “Senators” and others, all of which are fitting and tells a story for a franchise that represents our nation’s capital.

It seems extremely unlikely that fans won’t know for certain prior to Groundhog Day. That’s nearly a month after the announcement was made.

Perhaps the name will be determined by whether or not the groundhog sees his shadow.

Regardless, I’m confident that whatever name is chosen will be better than its current (no) name.