Little Mavs

Marshall Lil’ Mavs president Clarence Haggerty and his wife, Omecia Haggerty are gearing up for a new year with a new name.

A new year always brings new changes and 2021 is no exception for the Marshall Lil’ Mavericks football squads who will go by the East Texas Lil’ Mavericks Youth Football and Dance.

“We’ve got more kids from around the area that want to join us,” Clarence “Coach Skebo” Haggerty, president of the Lil’ Mavericks said.

“We’ve got kids from Shreveport, Henderson, Carthage, so we’re not only trying to gain kids from our community but we’re trying to gain kids from all surrounding areas, which makes it a whole lot better,” his wife and vice president Omecia Haggerty said. “We’re in a brand new league now. It’s called Texas Sports. It’s where the best compete. When they reached out to us last year, it was an honor to us because they reached out to us and asked us to join their league. So this will be our second year going into the league and now we’re trying to pick up more players and expand our enrollment to give these kids an opportunity to play.

“We’re so thankful to J.J. of Elite Enterprise for reaching out to us and supporting us,” Omecia added. “The funny thing is he was just following us on Facebook and he reached out to Skebo. He helped us with equipment.”

Another reason for the name change is because of a change in location.

“We actually don’t play our games in Marshall anymore,” Clarence said.

“Karnack doesn’t have football anymore so they’ve got that whole field over there and they were nice enough to let us use their facilities,” Omecia added. “That’s where we had all of our games this past season.”

Registration has been open since January 1 and anyone who signs up between now and April is eligible for a discount.

“They can go online and register at,” Omecia explained. “Even though we changed the name, everybody was used to it and I didn’t want to change the website. They can go on there and fill out the application to reserve their spot. It even gives them the option to go ahead and pay their fees on there. We have flag and tackle football. Flag is 4-6 year olds. Tackle is 7-12. Dance this year, since we’re no longer doing cheer, is ages 7-13. The deadline for football is June 15. For the dance, because they have to tryout, the deadline is Feb. 5 to sign up and tryouts will be a week or two after that.”

Clarence said they’re always looking for dedicated volunteer coaches.

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