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Valentines Day has a special meaning to people all over the country.

Some couples celebrate the event all weekend. The actual day of course is Sunday but when this little holiday falls on a weekend, many significant others pull out all the stops. We put together a surefire list of what your beloved would want the most for the holiday of lovers. There really isn’t a way to veil the obvious so, in a nutshell, take your Valentine bass fishing.

Men and women across East Texas will absolutely fall in love with the idea of catching a double digit bass for Valentines.

All jokes aside, Valentine’s Day is sort of the unofficial kick off of big bass season. The first big females are staging up in pre-spawn areas waiting for the magic spawning temperatures to head for the shallows.

There is a sort of schedule of geography for Texas bass’ spawning process. As of this writing, Sam Rayburn was reporting 58.5 degree surface temps in the backs of several creeks. As a way of comparison Bob Sandlin may be a full 10 degrees cooler. The further south obviously the average temperatures will be warmer so keep this in mind while planning your trophy bass trip.

The big females in the pre-spawn mode is our target.

These ladies have been feeding up and chilling offshore all summer, fall and winter. Late winter/early spring will find all female bass in the best shape of the season, or heaviest. Typically these fish will post up just offshore from their spawning areas, milling around, feeding and waiting.

The first break in depth change from the shallows is a well known staging zone. Small ditches and drains leading to or winding through spawning areas are excellent spots to target. The fish will use the channels to travel into and out of the spawning flats.

Keep these locations saved somewhere as this will be an perennial producer.

Get the heavy gear out and be prepared for fewer bites but keep in mind every bite may be the bass of a lifetime. Carolina rigged lizards, senkos, brush hogs, trick worms or flukes are all dynamite big bass tools. Deep diving crankbaits can also put a 30 pound stringer in the boat in a matter of five casts.

Possibly the most popular bass bait ever made really shines during this time of year. The Rattle-Trap is probably in more tackle boxes than any other bait known to fishing. They also work exceptionally well and will most likely for generations to come.

Cold fronts will put a dent in the activity level so always watch the weather. Northwest pockets will always warm before other areas on any lake due to sun’s position. A couple degrees can make all the difference so keep an eye on that.

Finally a little tip, I spoke with some early season bow fishing guys, who reported seeing multiple large bass cruising in less than four feet of water Tuesday night on Rayburn.

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