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As Texans, we have the world’s best outdoor adventures. We have everything from prairie dog shooting to Marlin catching and Bighorn Sheep to slab crappie. Texans are blessed with the best of so many different things to do, and lets face it. We are spoiled. If there is a way for it to be done a Texan will do it. This is illustrated with the Texas Nilgai antelope herd, Axis deer, Aoudads, as well as Smallouth bass, Striped bass and even redfish and corvina in power plant lakes. Not all of the experiments have worked but for the most part none of the species listed above are native to Texas. This being said, one of our favorite success stories of transplanting is the rainbow trout. Every year the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department stocks thousands of catchable size rainbows in lakes, rivers and ponds all across the state. The city ponds are a favorite as it brings fishing to the masses. Families not normally able to get to a fishing area are able to access these stocked areas. Teague Park in Longview is a good example. The City Parks folks deserve a round of applause for keeping the little pond in good shape. There are catfish and bream year-round in the pond and the rainbow stocking is a bonus during the fall/winter months. A quick check of the stocking schedule can put an angler and their family on a constant supply of filets all within a short drive. There are plenty of places to catch the trout and some of these locations will receive multiple stockings throughout the winter. Tyler State Park and others on the list include Faulkner Park and Woldert Park will start receiving trout as soon as Dec. 2. These three locations will receive a total of over 4,600 trout at six different stockings. The staggered stocking allows more opportunities for everyone to get a shot at the rainbows. Other stocking locations in our area are as follows: Elder Lake in Kilgore, and as mentioned earlier, Teague Park. Waskom City Pond is set to have three stockings for a total of 1,500 fish. The Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center is perhaps the largest recipient. “Zebco Lake 2” at the center will play host to over 7,000 trout throughout the winter. Lake Bob Sandlin, Nacogdoches and Texarkana are also set to receive trout. Check the link below for a detailed list of stocking information. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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