If you live long enough, you will either see something you have never seen before or you will have a friend or relative to run into something they have never had happen to them before.

That is what happened to me recently.

Bill Abraham, a local attorney and relative of ours was bream fishing and when he pulled the fish out of the water, a good-sized water snake had him in his mouth. Bill grabbed his camera and got a picture of this unusual situation.

Good reports on bream and white perch. My youngest soon Rokky and his wife Alishia found plenty of bream around the islands. Water level is above average and ideal for both bream and perch. I was tending to some land business a couple of days ago around Lake O’ the Pines where they are still releasing water into Caddo Lake.

And don’t forget this is the time of the year to get those big bullfrogs.

For those of you who know me, you know the Lord sent me one of the best looking gals he ever created that is a perfect fit for me. “Miss Becky” was born and raised in the Caddo Lake swampland where her parents, Bud and Eunice Hayner owned and operated Big Lake camp on Caddo Lake.

“Miss Becky” is a Christian lady who loves the outdoors just like I do. She puts up with some stunts I pull that nobody but a swamp gal would put up with.

One of my favorite stunts when “Miss Becky” was having some ladies from our church in our home for a meeting was to take a small baby alligator that I would catch while frog hunting and put it in the commode.

When one of the ladies would lift the lid, the little gator would open its mouth very wide and make a hissing sound – that’s when you would hear a scream from my latest victim.

And as Paul Harvey said, “This is not the rest of the story.” Stay tuned for my August colun when I will share with you, Lord willing, my latest significant happening in the life of our family – when you think you have seen it all, you probably have not.


Tucker’s Camp — Caddo Lake (318) 433-6057: Water level is above normal. Perch are around big single trees, duck blinds and stumps. Good on shiners and jigs, four feet deep. Black bass fair on top water lures and plastic worms in Bird Island area and in pipeline area. Bream are good on worms or crickets one foot deep around Islands. Catfish are good on lines in Buzzard Bay area with shiners or large earthworms.

Crip’s Camp – Caddo Lake (903) 789-3233: Water level is above normal. Perch are good on Big Lake around single bit trees, duck blinds and stumps four feet deep on shiners or jigs. Black bass fair in Old Folks and Goose Prairie on top water lures or plastic worms. Bream are good around islands one foot deep on worms or crickets. Catfish fair in trotlines using earthworms or shiners in Big Green area.

Johnson’s Ranch – Caddo Lake (903) 789-3213: Water level is above normal. Perch are good four feet deep on shiners and jigs around single big trees, duck blinds and stumps out from Little Green Brake. Black bass fair on top water lures and plastic worms in Turtle Shell ara. Over the years, I have found out that there is one spot in Turtle Shell where the black bass and crappie seem to move in earlier than any place on the lake. I have no idea why fish move to this area of shallow water earlier than they do other areas unless for some unknown reason, the water temperatures warm up due to special currents that develop for some reason in this particular spot. Bream are good around islands one foot deep on worms and crickets in Ames Spring ara. Catfish are good on trotlines in Big Lake area on large earthworms and shiners.

Johnson Creek Marina – Lake O’ the Pines (903) 755-2530: Eater levels are above normal. Perch fair in wooded areas four feet deep on shiners and jigs. Black bass fair along shorelines on top water lures. Bream are good in creek areas along shorelines on worms and crickets. Catfish fair in woods on trotlines with worms and shiners.