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October has always been a favorite fishing month.

The terrible heat of the summer has given way, begrudgingly, but we usually have much more pleasant temperatures. October will give bass the urge to begin their feeding activities in the shallows and specifically surface lures.

There will be surface schooling raging at anytime throughout the day as the bass chase shad. These bass tend to run on the small side but giants have been known to follow along under this surface activity, picking up dying and injured shad the schoolies lose.

In some cases these alpha bass are here to target the smaller bass, it may sound odd but bass have a strict diet. They only eat what they can fit in their mouth. Every creature that finds itself in or near the water is a target for the bass. Snakes, lizards, frogs, ducks, and the list goes on.

This brings us back to the fall surface fun. Surface lures are too numerous to list but everyone that has ever cast a bait for a bass most likely has a favorite surface lure. Locally referred to as “topwaters” these baits generate the most spectacular strikes of all bassing.

Others may disagree but a 4-to-6 pound bass blasting a surface lure on a fall afternoon is good for the anglers soul. The sound, the malicious intent and the violence are all combined to produce feelings that are habit forming and unequaled.

If you are trying to find your favorite surface lure, welcome to planet. There are times when conditions seem perfect and fish may even be actively feeding on the surface. Casting a bait in the middle of the action will not receive a sniff much less a bite.

Other days, your “Havana” will get hung up in buck brush and an 8 pounder will crash through removing it and have her picture made. There are some loose rules to the surface game but as always “ bass never read these articles and refuse to do what they should”

Meanwhile, obviously try to be around bait. Bream are a big bass’ ideal meal and any fall bream beds should be hunted like a deer feeder. Lily pad fields are full of insects, bream love insects, birds love insects and frogs love insects. Bass love all of these and if the is enough water under the pads, the bass will stay here until the bait leaves.

Boat docks are another good fall surface lure target. A buzz bait slowly clicked in and around the pilings will draw some violent strikes. Many dock owners have brushpiles around the dock for crappie.

Try popping a yellow magic along the front of the dock where the piles are and don’t be surprised at what comes up.

These bass rarely see a surface lure and one slowly chugging around overhead can produce some lifetime memories.

The bite should get better over the next few weeks before the bass move into their winter habits.