When a team makes a change at the head coaching position, other changes on the staff will be made. After Jake Griedl was promoted from offensive coordinator to head coach, Zach Quinlan stepped in and filled took Griedl’s old job as the OC.

“They’re doing a good job with it,” Quinlan said when asked how his players were adapting to the change.

“They still have coach Griedl here so they’re adapting to him in his new role and me in my new role.

“We’ve promoted Jason Bird as our passing game coordinator and I think he’s stepping into that role well too. He had a big hand in what we added 7-on-7 wise and that’s kind of where his strengths lie.

“We’re going to use him there. Of course coach Griedl is going to keep his hands on the offense.

“I think the kids overall have accepted me in the new role. I was in a leadership role before coach Griedl got the job so it’s been an easy transition in that manner.”

Quinlan was the Mavericks offensive line coach for the past two seasons and will still have a hand in coach the blockers up front.

“That adjustment has been slow because of the fact that we were short-staffed during the spring. But now coach Whitaker has come in and he’s going to help me with the offensive line and assist me more than anything so it’s kind of a dual role with the two of us.

“Having him here will help me in the fall once we get into the regular season to be able to spread my wings a little bit as far as the whole offense is concerned because I’m going to be able to walk away from the offensive line and let him handle it and I can go watch one-on-one drills in practice.

“In the past, I haven’t been able to do that so that’s been good for me growth-wise and growing the offense.”

In the previous two years with the team, Quinlan helped install the offense that the Mavericks will continue to run this upcoming season.

“Jake and I developed this offense when we came in two years ago,” he offered. “We stole some of what he learned from previous employers and I brought in what I’ve learned from previous employers and we just kind of melted it together.

“He let me handle the run game when I got here and he took over the passing game. Of course he called the plays and did all that so he got the final decision as far as what the play call was but the game plan was a group effort from the start.

“So fitting into that role will not be as big of a transition as it could have been if I was just an O-line coach and wasn’t part of the coordinating of the offense to begin with.”