Hallsville interim athletic director Josh Rankin said there were no major surprises from the UIL realignment.

“It’s about what we expected,” Rankin said. “When you get that preview in early December, we saw Lindale was dropping and Texas High was going to Division II, that’s kind of the natural fit. The only thing I thought for the football district that might do was maybe throw Sulphur Springs in there to give us a nine-team district but it was pretty much what we expected. I was a little surprised how they split up the district for the other sports but that had to happen too. It was just a matter of how they cut it off.”

For football, the Bobcats will remain in District 9-5A, which will be made up of them, Marshall, Jacksonville, Pine Tree, Mount Pleasant, Nacogdoches, Texas High and Whitehouse. They will play in District 15-5A for others sports and their district opponents will be Marshall, Longview, Pine Tree, Mount Pleasant, Sulphur Springs and Texas High.

Rankin said the way the district is aligned helps cut down travel distances.

“Our longest trip will be Texarkana and Nac in football,” he offered. “As far as other sports, we’re cutting out Lufkin and Nacogdoches. We’re kind of trading Lufkin and John Tyler for Longview and Texas High so it’s about the same.”

The Bobcats have combined for a district of 1-13 over the past two seasons.