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Caitlyn Ellenburg, left, will take the field tonight with her sister, Emily for their last game game together for tonight’s senior-night contest against Sulphur Springs.

Tonight, Marshall seniors Adriana Vences, Emily Ellenburg, Hannah Torres and Kylie Coleman will play their final home game at Lady Mavs Softball Field.

Marshall first-year head softball coach Brent Achorn joked about failing the four seniors in order to have them back next year.

“I wish I could do that for all four of my seniors,” Achorn said joking. “I wish I’d been here two or three years ago so I could coach them longer. They’re those kinds of girls. I do wish I had another chance to coach all of them.”

Joining Ellenburg for the senior night ceremony will be her sister and teammate, Caitlyn Ellenburg.

“It’s been really good,” Achorn said of coaching the two sisters. “They’re both really good kids. They’re hard competitors. They don’t like to lose. They go out there and they work hard. Losing Emily is going to be a big loss for us next year because she’s a really good third baseman. She’s got a good stick. I hope that Caitlyn sticks with pitching because if she sticks with pitching and does a little work, I think she could be our ace next year.”

“I think it’s cool when she’s on third base and I’m on first base because we’re both on corners,” Emily said.

“Also, I’m the leadoff and she’s the three-hole and (Joe) Martino will announce, ‘The next three batters are Ellenburg, Truelove, Ellenburg,’” Caitlyn said. “It’s the Ellenburg sandwich.”

The two sisters like to joke around and have fun on and off the field.

“I don’t know if other sisters do this but we also get embarrassing pictures of each other,” Emily said.

“Our mom takes pictures so we always go and find funny pictures,” Caitlyn added.

They also know how to be serious though, however, as they look to finish this season on a strong note.

“We still have a very slim shot (at the playoffs),” Achorn said. “So that’s all I can do is tell them we’ve got a very slim shot to make the playoffs. We’ve got to play hard, battle hard all the way through to the end and keep them focused on that.”

“I’m not really worried about the next game,” Emily said. “I’m worried about what’s going on right now.”

Heading into tonight’s game, Marshall holds a 4-6 record in district play and needs to win out in order for chance of playing in the postseason.

“We really need to lay off the junk pitchers,” Emily said. “Other than that, if we hit the ball, we can win the game.”

At the plate, Emily has 22 hits, one home run, 12 RBI, has reached on three walks, scored 15 runs and owns a batting average of .440. She has started two games in the circle where she has a record of 2-0 as pitcher. She has allowed nine runs on 10 hits, nine errors, 12 walks, three hit-by-pitches and has struck out 18 batters and has an ERA of 5.906.

Caitlyn has 30 hits at the plate, one of which went for a home run. She has scored 24 runs with 14 RBI and has a batting average of .469. She has started five games as a pitcher and owns a 1-0 record from the circle. She has allowed 20 runs on 30 hits, 19 errors, 13 walks, one hit-by-pitch and struck out 21 batters. She has an ERA of 5.95.

Last year was the first year for them to play on the same high school team before the season was shut down due to COVID but the two have played together since they were younger.

“I used to always play up,” Caitlyn said. “There was one tournament where I was on the younger team and she was on the older team and we ended up playing each other. She was pitching and I was scared she was going to hit me.”

“They’re both competitors,” Achorn said of the Ellenburgs. “They both work hard. They’re both good teammates. They get excited for their teammates when they do something good. They are alike a lot of ways on the field. Off the field they’re different. They’re the kind of kids you’d like to have in your program.”

The two seniors hope their last game together at Lady Mavs Field is a W.

The contest is slated for a 6 p.m.

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