Nathan Hague


It goes without saying but I, like everyone else, wish COVID never happened.

However, there’s a saying in sports that we learn more from the losses than we do the wins and through the losses caused by COVID, I’ve learned (and really, re-learned) that I’m thankful for food, family and football, the things that make Thanksgiving great.

Prior to COVID, I said a world without sports was one I didn’t want to be a part of but I never imagined I would have to be. When sports shut down due to the pandemic, I realized just how much I missed sports.

I couldn’t enjoy buzzer beaters, slam dunks, nor anything that normally comes along with March Madness and NBA basketball. I desperately missed the opportunities to watch a robbed home run, a perfect game and grand slams. We still had football season in the fall but it wasn’t the same without fans.

So as we gather around our the table to enjoy some delicious turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, pies, and hopefully a Cowboys victory, remember to give thanks for these many blessings that not everybody is blessed enough to enjoy.

Thanksgiving is a great time to celebrate family, food and football, something not all of us were able to do last year.

I’m thankful for family and especially, among others, for my wife and four-month-old daughter as I strive to be the best husband and dad for them that I can be. Last Thanksgiving, my daughter was not part of our lives just yet and we were unable to celebrate the holiday with other family because of COVID. This year, we will have a gathering for each side of the family.

I’m thankful for the crazy amount of food I’m going to eat today even though it will make me wonder when my pants got tighter and why I’m so tired. I’m also thankful I get to have another Thanksgiving meal again this weekend.

I’m thankful for football. I’m thankful for the tradition of the Cowboys playing every Thanksgiving. I’m even thankful for being able to watch the winless Detroit Lions and the memories of watching Barry Sanders. Even though the Lions seem more like a joke and almost as slow and predictable as a Hallmark movie, I’m just thankful to be able to watch football, especially after COVID. I’m thankful for Hail Marys and goal-line stands. I’m thankful for the life lessons that come with football, and other sports at every level. I’m thankful to be able to watch games with fans back in the stands and stadiums not having to pump in noise. I’m thankful for high school football and to be able to cover athletes and coaches chasing their dreams of playing for a state championship.

In a lot of ways, family, food and football go hand-in-hand as many fond memories with my family has been while enjoying good meals and watching this great game.

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