Waskom vs. Jefferson scrimmage

Waskom and Jefferson went head to head in their first scrimmage on Friday.

Waskom and Jefferson got their first scrimmage out of the way when the Bulldogs hosted the Wildcats on Friday in what both coaches consider a success in preparing for the season.

“We thought it went OK,” Jefferson athletic director and head football coach Antwain Jimmerson said. “The kids played hard. I really loved the effort. We made some mistakes that we need to clean up but we were able to get give guys a lot of reps. We’re trying to replace 20 seniors so we need to get some younger guys in there to see how they react in pressure situations and that’s something we were able to do, which is really good.”

“We saw some good things and obviously we saw some bad things,” Waskom athletic director and head football coach Whitney Keeling offered. “It was our first scrimmage and we’re trying to break in some new guys. We came out predominately healthy. We’re just trying to put all of our pieces together because right now, they’re not all together.”

Both coaches said it the scrimmage was good experience.

“Overall the effort was pretty good,” Jimmerson added. “You could see the summer was good to our guys. They’re all in pretty good shape. Everybody has to deal with the heat but we didn’t have any act like they were too exhausted or anything so that’s pretty good.”

“Our effort was really good,” Keeling continued. “Our kids really got after it. I don’t question their speed. I question their knowledge. We blew assignments offensively and defensively but the good thing is you can fix that part of it as long as they’re going hard. We just have to do a better job of coaching them and getting them back in the right direction.”

Both teams are slated to return to action for their second scrimmage. Jefferson is set to host Elysian Fields at 6 p.m. today while the Wildcats will travel to Joaquin on Friday.