Harleton athletic director and head football coach Kyle Little said he and his Wildcats are ready to return to practice Monday morning.

“They’re excited,” Little said. “They’re ready to get back to something normal. I can’t remember what day it was when we got out in March but it’s been five months of living like this and they’re ready to get back to something similar to normal life.”

Little added the focus of the first week of practice will be, “Just the basics, blocking and tackling. Obviously, you’re doing the system, you would expect that they would remember some stuff but we start all the way back over, the very first step.

“We go through all the fundamentals. We’ll start with, ‘This is our stance, this is our alignment,’ all that stuff. We teach the basics, act like they don’t know anything and start from there.

“Monday and Tuesday it’s no pads,” he continued. “Wednesday and Thursday you can wear pads but it’s not contact. It’s light contact on Friday and the sixth day is when you can actually do full contact.”

The Wildcats were originally slated to scrimmage two teams.

“We cannot do the first scrimmage,” Little said. “The UIL changed that so we will not scrimmage Joaquin. We only get one scrimmage and that will be against DeKalb and it will be at our place.”

That scrimmage is set to take place Aug. 20. Harleton is set to kick off the season Friday, Aug. 28 in White Oak.

Little said there will be a team meeting Monday at 6 p.m. before hitting the field for practice from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m.