Wiley College Top 10

■ Editor’s note: This is the third in a 10-part series looking back at the biggest athletic stories at Wiley College during the 2019-20 school year.

Wiley’s Taylon Grogan saved his best year on the hardwood for last as he led the Red River Athletic Conference in scoring and earned All-American honorable mention honors.

“Taylon was our go-to-guy,” said Ashton DeMurrell, Wiley assistant basketball coach who took over as interim head coach with just four games remaining in the season. “He would bring that energy. He would bring that ability to score when you really need that basket. He played a really, really important role for this team.”

DeMurrell said he knew Grogan would leave his mark in his final season.

“He started off on fire from day one,” he said. “When we watched players around him, there was no doubt that he would be up there.”

Grogan averaged 24.1 points per game and scored at least 30 points in seven games and 15 games with at least 20 points. He opened the season with a 41-point game against Philander smith. He also earned First-Team All-Conference and was selected to the NAIA All-Star game before the contest was cancelled due to the COVID-19.

“He was a senior so that was his final year playing and he went out with a bang,” DeMurrell said, adding it will be tough to find a replacement for Grogan.

“There’s a lot of talent but when it comes to guys who are willing to get into the gym every day, work hard every day, work on his craft every day and then go into the game and put forth that same effort and even more on the court, put his body on the line, it will be hard to find somebody like that,” he concluded.

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