Editor’s Note: This is the fifth part in a 10-part series looking back at the biggest athletic stories at Wiley College during the 2018-19 school year.

Joshua Hamilton played in 30 basketball games for the Wildcats in the 2018-2019 season and started in 29 of them.

In those 30 games, he played 869 minutes where he pulled down 123 rebounds, came up with 27 steals, had 63 assists and scored 626 points to earn a spot on the NAIA All-American Team as well as the NAIA All-Star Team as he helped lead the Wildcats to an overall record of 24-7.

“It’s a good accomplishment,” Hamilton said. “It really shows that I really had a good season and I went out the way I wanted to. All the work I put in the last two years really paid off.”

“I’m extremely happy for him,” said Jay Smith, who coached Hamilton at Wiley for the past two seasons.

“Josh is a kid who I’ve known since I was in about 10th grade. Josh is a guy who brought it every day. He was a joy to coach so for him to get the recognition he earned this year was tremendous. I wish I could have five more Josh’s, I know that.”

Hamilton said achieving the honors was never a goal on his list for the season.

“Really, my goal was to make it to the tournament and see how far we can go and just to continue to work hard,” he said. “All the accolades that came along with that, I’m proud of them but it wasn’t my goal or anything like that.”

Hamilton added none of his recognition would have been possible without his teammates.

“Nobody can do all that stuff by themselves,” he said.

“I really give all those guys all the credit because they trusted me to give me the ball and to score points. They relied on me a lot and I didn’t want to let them down.”