Elysian Fields is set to take part in its second scrimmage of the season today when it goes up against Jefferson on the road, less than a week after starting the season at home against Joaquin.

“It went well,” Elysian Fields head coach Scott Ford said of his team’s first scrimmage. “They’re a 9-3 team and are really physical so we really needed that. It was really good for us. We came out healthy and we got to scrimmage against a really good physical football team.

“We knew Pewitt is and that’s why we scheduled Joaquin.

“We’re dealing with a different automobile this week,” he added of this week’s scrimmage opponent. “Jefferson is more an Olympic relay team than they are a power team like Joaquin, so it’s a different look and I feel like we’re getting the best of both worlds.

“They’re both playoff football teams, two well coached teams. We’ll play on the grass in Jefferson and a reason we want to do that is because we started the year off on grass at White Oak and Harmony.

Overall, I was pleased with it. It’s just a scrimmage. It’s a glorified practice but it was against a good team and at the end of the day, I thought we performed pretty well.”

Ford added there are things that his team needs to work on going into the season.

“We’ve still got to be more physical on both sides of the ball but really that’s it,” he said. “I felt like we did a lot of good things and we’ve got a lot of skilled kids back offensively.

“We’ve got the trigger-puller kid back. So we’re really set in a lot of places. We’re just trying to be a little mean up front and we’ve got the depth this year to practice being mean and that’s what we’re doing.”