In Mexican capital, red shoes to protest killings of women

A portrait of Eugenia Machuca Campos sits amid women's red shoes placed by activists to protest violence against women in the Zocalo, Mexico City's main plaza, Saturday, Jan. 11, 2020. According to her sister, Campos' ex-boyfriend is serving time in jail for her Oct. 2017 murder in the State of Mexico.


GALVESTON (AP) — The U.S. Coast Guard says a boater who had been believed to possibly be missing near Galveston along the Texas Gulf Coast was never actually missing.

The Coast Guard and the Tiki Island police department became concerned after receiving a call around 2 a.m. Saturday about an unmanned 21-foot boat found near the east side of Jones Bay, located northwest of Galveston.

Officials were unable to contact the boat’s owner and began searching for the individual.

The owner of the boat learned of the search on social media and contacted officials, telling them his boat had broken away from where it had been secured during severe storms that swept through Texas and other parts of the U.S. South Friday night.

KIOWA, Okla. (AP) — An Oklahoma man drowned Saturday after he was swept away from his stalled truck by floodwaters from severe storms that hit the state and other parts of the U.S. South, officials said.

Randall Hyatt was in his Chevy pickup near Kiowa, Oklahoma, when he drove into deep floodwaters, causing his vehicle to become inoperable, according to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Hyatt, 58, from Wardville, Oklahoma, was overrun by rushing water after exiting his truck.

His body was found about 100 yards away from his vehicle at 8:15 a.m.

Saturday. Investigators did not immediately know what time he drowned.

Alabama has a new map that gives hunters a better chance at bagging a buck.

The state rut map shows when bucks are most likely to be cruising for does in different parts of the state.

“One of the times they’re most vulnerable to making mistakes or being foolish is the rutting season,” said Chris Cook, deer program coordinator for the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries.

The bucks have scented that one or more does are ready to mate and are covering more ground than usual to get to them.

That gives hunters a better chance at finding them.


NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Two people trying to enter an unauthorized area near the Superdome were involved in a shootout with the venue’s security officers before fleeing, New Orleans police said Saturday.

Superdome security found the two individuals around 3 a.m. and told them to leave the area, police said. At least one person fired a gun that struck a car windshield. The security officials fired back before the pair ran away.

Authorities said no one was injured during the shootout.

No arrests have been made, but police said the investigation is ongoing.


MEXICO CITY (AP) — Stiletto heels. Clogs. Trainers. Tiny, child-size Crocs.

Activists placed hundreds of painted-red women’s shoes on Mexico City’s sun-drenched main square Saturday to call attention to gender-based violence in a country where, on average, 10 women and girls are murdered each day and less than 10 percent of the cases are ever solved.

As residents and tourists milled about the plaza, or Zocalo — the historical, political, cultural and religious heart of the country — demonstrators marched to the massive front door of the colonial-era National Palace and placed five pairs on the paving stones as a uniformed guard looked on.

“Not one more killed!” they cried to the beat of a drum.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Oman’s Sultan Qaboos bin Said, the Mideast’s longest-ruling monarch who seized power in a 1970 palace coup and pulled his Arabian sultanate into modernity while carefully balancing diplomatic ties between adversaries Iran and the U.S., has died. He was 79.

The British-educated, reclusive sultan reformed a nation that was home to only three schools and harsh laws banning electricity, radios, eyeglasses and even umbrellas when he took the throne.

Under his reign, Oman became known as a welcoming tourist destination and a key Mideast interlocutor, helping the U.S. free captives in Iran and Yemen and even hosting visits by Israeli officials while pushing back on their occupation of land Palestinians want for a future state.

“We do not have any conflicts and we do not put fuel on the fire when our opinion does not agree with someone,” Sultan Qaboos told a Kuwaiti newspaper in a rare interview in 2008.

BURRAGATE, Australia (AP) — Another firefighter has died battling the Australian wildfire crisis and the prime minister on Sunday said his government was adapting and building resilience to the fire danger posed by climate change.

The firefighter — one of the few professionals among mainly volunteer brigades battling blazes across southeast Australia — died on Saturday near Omeo in eastern Victoria state, Victorian Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp said. No details of the circumstances were released.

The tragedy brings the death toll to at least 27 people in a crisis that has destroyed more than 2,000 homes and scorched an area larger than the U.S. state of Indiana since September. Four of the casualties were firefighters.

Authorities are using relatively benign conditions forecast in southeast Australia for a week or more to consolidate containment lines around scores of fires that are likely to burn for weeks without heavy rainfall. The reprieve from severe fire conditions promises to be the longest of the current fire season.

The French prime minister informed the unions behind a crippling railway strike over pension reform Saturday that he is open to backing down on one of the most controversial proposals: raising the full pension eligibility age to 64.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe wrote to unions one day after the French government and labor representatives engaged in talks that had seemed to end in a stalemate after more than a month of strikes and protests.

Philippe’s letter said that the plan to raise the full pension eligibility age from 62 to 64 — the unions’ major sticking point — was open to negotiation. It was the first time the French government overtly indicated room for movement on the retirement age issue. The overture could signal hope for ending the France’s longest transport strikes in decades.

However, Philippe said any compromise was contingent on first finding a way of paying for the pensions system in a country where a record number of people are over age 90.